Eat This, Not That

So last night I started reading this book called “Eat This, Not That” by  David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding.

The content of this book is amazing, I learned that so many of the products I buy at the grocery store regularly that I always thought weren’t that bad for me, really aren’t as healthy as I once thought. Definitely recommend taking a look at it, it’s full of fun facts and helpful information.

Did you know that turkey contains a seratonin-promoting amino acid? This helps to fight off depression and anxiety while regulating appetite and sleep cycles

Or that when grocery store meat is claimed as “free range, technically, free-range chickens must have access to the outdoors for at least 51 percent of their lives, but the USDA, which approves each manufacturer’s “free-range” claim on a case-by-case basis, does not strictly define “outdoors.” The term could mean anything from idyllic open acreage to a puny pen.

Were you aware that the United States imports 2.5 billion pounds of beef each year?

The USDA deems growth hormones as “safe for cattle and the humans who consume them.” However researchers in Europe have raised concern over possible links between growth hormones and issues like premature development in girls, lower sperm count in men, and breast cancer.

Makes you want to buy all natural, free range, farm raised meat doesn’t it?




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